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Get in touch with us for bespoke recruitment strategies that align with the niche requirements of JAVA and Microsoft technologies.

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Our Expert Recruitment Approach

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Strategic Market Insight

Strategic Market Insight, ensuring precise candidate targeting within the technology sector.

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End-to-End Support

End-to-End Support, from the initial search to successful placement, we're with you every step.

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Tailored Matchmaking

Tailored Matchmaking, aligning top talent with your company's culture and technical needs.

About Us

Expertise in IT Recruitment Across the DACH Region

AB Europe stands at the forefront of tech recruitment, leveraging deep market insights and robust networks across the DACH region to connect premier talent with innovative companies.

Our Customer

We forge strategic partnerships with leading enterprises in the DACH region to provide top-tier JAVA and Microsoft technology experts.

Our Product

Our bespoke recruitment solutions are designed specifically for JAVA and Microsoft technology roles, ensuring a perfect fit for the DACH tech landscape.

Our services

Our full spectrum of services, from precision sourcing to placement, is tailored to meet the unique needs of JAVA and Microsoft technologies within the DACH region.


What The People Think About Us

"As a Senior Java Engineer, finding a role that matched my skills and career ambitions was challenging. That's where AB Europe made a significant difference. Their recruiters, who specialize in tech placements, understood exactly what I was looking for. They not only helped me find the perfect job but also supported me through the entire application and interview process. I am grateful to AB Europe for their role in advancing my career."
Senior Java Engineer
"I owe my success as a .Net Developer to AB Europe. Transitioning to a more advanced role was a big step for me, and AB Europe’s team was there every step of the way. Their expertise in the tech sector is evident, and their personalized approach made me feel valued and understood. They connected me with an opportunity that was an ideal fit for my skills and career goals. I highly recommend AB Europe for any tech professional looking to elevate their career."
Dot Net Developer
"AB Europe's role in shaping my career path as a Software Architect has been invaluable. Their deep understanding of the technology landscape and dedication to finding the right match is commendable. They didn't just find me a job; they found me the right environment where my skills could thrive and grow. Their professional guidance and support have been instrumental in achieving my career goals. I am immensely thankful to AB Europe for their exceptional service."
Software Architect
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Streamlining IT Recruitment in the DACH Region

Where innovation meets expertise - AB Europe connects the dots between top-tier JAVA and Microsoft technology talent and leading companies in the vibrant valleys of Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.

AB Europe Core Values


At AB Europe, we uphold the highest standards of privacy in our tech recruitment processes. Understanding the sensitive nature of personal and professional information, we employ robust data protection measures. Our commitment to confidentiality ensures that candidate and client data are safeguarded with the utmost care, fostering trust and security in every interaction within the dynamic tech landscape of the DACH region.


Dedication is the cornerstone of AB Europe's approach to tech recruitment in the DACH region. Our team is committed to understanding the unique needs of both candidates and companies, ensuring that we connect the right talent with the right opportunities. This unwavering dedication enables us to create meaningful employment connections, driving success and innovation in the thriving technological sector.


Quality is at the forefront of AB Europe’s services. Specializing in tech recruitment within the DACH region, we meticulously curate our talent pool and rigorously vet potential candidates. This focus on quality ensures that we not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients, providing them with top-tier professionals who are capable of driving technological advancements and adding value to their organizations.


Efficiency is key in AB Europe’s approach to tech recruitment in the DACH region. Our streamlined processes, combined with a deep understanding of the tech industry, enable us to quickly and effectively match the right candidates with the right positions. This efficiency minimizes downtime for companies and accelerates career growth for professionals, making us a pivotal force in the tech recruitment landscape.

Our Expertise Fields

Microsoft . NET
AB Europe specializes in recruiting top-tier talent skilled in Microsoft .NET, a versatile and powerful framework known for its robustness and security. Our expertise in this area ensures that we connect businesses with professionals who are adept in .NET, capable of building high-performance, scalable applications. This technology is ideal for companies looking to develop a wide range of applications, from web to mobile to desktop. By choosing .NET professionals through AB Europe, companies in the DACH region can leverage the framework’s interoperability and the extensive library support, ensuring cutting-edge solutions and a competitive edge in the market.
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